Every summer for over 35 years I have been privileged to work with teens and young adults. In fact, it is my life’s mission. I get to see SALTers and staff when they are young and help lead them to be the next generation of Christian leaders. Very often I see great potential in them. One of those people is Giggz

Giggz has been on a journey from camper to SALTer to service staff, cabin leader, SALT cabin leader & now leadership staff (Program Director). She grew up at Widji. 

Giggz has energy, drive and direction. She is well organized and motivated to do all that can be done for campers and staff. In her SALT session, she took leadership in a variety of situations, was one of the first to help to others, offer to belay and more. As a cabin leader and SALT leader she continued to demonstrate her leadership abilities. I am excited to see her do well this summer and am glad to have her on our summer leadership team. 

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