IMG_20160606_155627The Widji summer leaders recently worked through an exercise to help them discover who they are as leaders. The first part was to remember the events in your life that helped shape the leader you are. The other part was to recall the people who influenced each person. As we understand the person we are we can be a better leader. 

One of the first people who influenced me was my grade eight shop teacher. He made me feel like I was the only kid in the class as he gave me special attention. I built the tractor in the picture by brazing some odd pieces of scarps bolts and stuff together. 

Other influencers for me were scout leaders, teachers, bosses, mentors, friends and family. I have also learned a lot from my staff over 30+ years of working with teens and young adults. 

The exercise went like this. List the people in your life who have had influence on you. Include both positive and negative people. List the following for each person.

  • Who was the first adult to truly notice you? 
  • How old were you when they had influence in your life?
  • Was it good or bad or some of each? Describe
  • How did it affect or change you? Describe
  • List what characteristics attracted you to them?
  • Why did it affect you in the way it did?

So, who influenced you?

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