Here are some of the numbers from our 2019 summer at Widji!

  • Weeks of camp – 9
  • Decisions for Christ – 56
  • TNT & Blast & Sizzle campers – 195 (7 day campers) 
  • Ignite Partnership campers – 319
  • SALTers – 18 (72 camper weeks)
  • Aspire campers – 5 (for 2 weeks each)
  • Total camper weeks – 591
  • Staff – 50 
  • Volunteers – 51
  • Bibles given out to campers – 125+
  • From the kitchen
    • meals served – 22,175
    • bags of milk – 258
    • ice cream sandwiches – 1,080
    • waffles eaten- 1,320
    • burgers served – 1,080 
    • Subs on Sunday – 1152 croissants + 912 ciabatta rolls
  • 168,000 feet of toilet paper 
  • Bus trips – 15 with 19 buses

2 cool stories

  1. Another camper stands out for us from one of our Ignite partnerships. It was the first time this camper had been to camp, and they were nervous about the experience, in part because their birthday would take place during the week. The leaders found out and arranged a cake and a celebration; we often do such things for birthdays, but what happened behind the scenes was special. While at camp this camper’s shoes fell apart. One of the leaders went to town and purchased a new pair of shoes for them, and gave them to the camper afterward. At the end of the week, Heyoo was chatting with the camper and asked how his birthday was. “I got a new pair of shoes!” they said with excitement. It is such an encouragement to see a need and meet it without asking. Nobody needed to ask if the camper needed something, people knew and met their need proactively, perhaps leaving an impression that will stay with that family for a long time.
  2. Summer camp has always been a place that meets needs for people in a variety of circumstances. In the case of this summer, we welcomed a couple of campers who had recently lost a parent to cancer. The speaker that week unwittingly answered questions about heaven, a topic that was at the front of these camper’s thoughts. Closely following the Q&A period, they approached their cabin leader, who engaged with the leadership team at camp for help in answering their questions. What made this so interesting was how this was minutes before the cabin leader was sharing her testimony. That night, all of the campers in the cabin shared their testimonies also and prayed for each other. A healthy conversation took place that allowed these campers to work through some of the healing needed in coping with their loss. It amazes us how God works in His people when we provide love and support to others, not always knowing what circumstances they are coming from.

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