Ever thought about the many stories that happen at camp, and how much fun it would be to tell those stories? Well that is where Widji Radio was born, out of the stories that happen at camp. Season 1 is currently available allowing campers to join a cast of characters inspired by real events, and at a real place – Camp Widjiitiwin, in the heart of Muskoka Cottage Country.

Episodes may be streamed or downloaded free of charge on Soundcloud and on this page. Please consider making a donation to camp through the Muskoka Bible Foundation to help us cover production costs and help send kids to camp.

The Pilot Episode – Grady Goes to Camp

Grady arrives at camp for the first time and struggles to accept new experiences. He is helped by a new friend and the guys chief as well as the Camp Director by experiencing and witnessing grace in action.

Episode 1

Episode 2 – Making Friends

Jada is expecting camp to be the same as last year, but discovers things are going to be different when she learns that her friends are in another cabin.

Episode 3 – Something Comes Hither

Carmen, Chad and Barret struggle with fear and learn to overcome it with the help of friends at camp in Season 1, Episode 3 of Widji Radio Drama

Episode 4 – The Master of the Mist

Grady and friends get caught by the masters of the mist and Carmen discovers a new set of skills as Camp Widjiitiwin wraps up season 1 of Widji Radio Drama with a theme day to remember.


Season 1 was written by Nicholas Freer and JD Laverty

The Vision

Campers often listen to audio dramas at home and at camp or measure the distance in a car ride by how many episodes they can listen to on the way. Radio drama has become a part of the memories of camp and the characters in those dramas have become role models to kids all around the world. The vision for Widji Radio is to add to that legacy by bringing real stories to life in a fun and energizing way. The issues our characters struggle with are real, and many of the characters in the episodes are played by volunteers, campers and staff – often playing themselves. Just imagine being able to go to camp with people you’ve gotten to know through audio drama.


An element that excites the production team is that campers themselves can participate in the recording of episodes. Everything done to produce the episodes is accomplished by people related to camp in some way. Our writers for the first season include staff and camper alumni and the mixing and mastering is done by camp staff. This means you too can be a part of the story!


The following episodes are on the horizon:

  • Season 2 – Due January 2022