Staff & campers will grow up to rule the world! I often wonder as I look around each summer at the new group of campers, what will be come of them. Which ones will do our SALT program, become staff, then leadership staff. Which one might eventually be the camp director. 

We don’t know the potential influence we have, or that they may have, in the future. My favourite quote about potential has long been, “You can always cut open the apple and find out how many seeds are inside, but there’s no way you can cut the seed and find out how many apples are in it.”

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

I’m excited to find out how our investment in youth and young adults and their investment in others will create a chain reaction of leadership and change in our camping community, our communities at large and our nation, even the world. I can only imagine where these new leaders will go. To that end I asked some of our Widjiitiwin groups on Facebook and received some great responses. SO many of our past staff and campers are in professions where they are helping people and influencing other generations. The top three professions seem to be pastors, nurses and teachers. 

Look at this amazing list the great leaders our campers and staff have become in society including being firefighter x 2, pastors, counselors, business professionals, doctors, nurses, paramedics, contractors, missionaries, coaches, moms and dads, camp directors, RMT’s, teachers, 2 magicians, Camp operations director, Pastor and church planter, Autism consultant/ behaviour, IT Infrastructure Project Manager and Host Network Services Team Lead, ECE- teaching kindergarten, Mechanical Engineering Technology and Project Management, Executive Director of a camp and conference centre, Stay at home mom, Cyber Security Governance, Bakery/restaurant management, Carpenter, Pastor, church planter, Pastry chef, Nurse, Business development for a technology services company, Figure skating coach, Business coaching & web development, Speech-Language Pathology, Missionary and Psychology, Outdoor Instructing and education, Multimedia Design, Nurse, Youth worker and mental health advocate, Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, International Development, Paramedic, Missionary, Clinical Social Worker, Music school manager, Scientist, Non- Profit Management, Urban missionary, Teacher, Construction, Lead various programs at my local church, Registered Nurse, Bookkeeper, Speech language pathology, Youth work, Camp Director, Youth mentor, Teaching, Elementary Teacher, Vice-Principal, Esthetician, Stay at home mom, Social worker, Youth Work & Counseling, Social Worker, Leadership Development, Teaching, Dental Hygienist, Financial adviser, Pediatric Nurse, Interior Designer, Pastor, mental health social worker, International Man of Mystery (Spanky), Special Ed/Learning Support Coordinator, Water treatment, Youth Ministry, Teacher, Family business owner, Elementary Teacher, Musical theatre, Sr. Pastor, Pastor, transit operator, Office Administrator & Gospel Singer, Helicopter flight paramedic, Solutions Architect, Internet consultant, editor, professional photographer, bus driver, art model, French teacher, Life Enrichment Coordinator at a Retirement Home, Many have become camp pastors, Heyoo is now the director at Widji and so much more… All helping shape generations of people. 

Camp Widjiitiwin – the way camp was meant to be… relational, central, natural, reaching out, a loving community focused on Christ. It’s like coming home. It’s my camp!

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