working at camp is a real jobWorking at camp is a real job, just ask anyone who has spent a summer here! There’s lots of great value for a staff member to work at camp, and if the Prime Minister can go on to be in that position after working at camp, we know at very least, it won’t stop you from going where you want, but here’s some reasons it will help you get there! Apply at

The last thing staff are thinking about as they are running, dancing, jumping, singing and playing at camp is what they want to be when they grow up. But Camp Widjiitiwin parents know the things young adults experience and learn can directly impact the adults that they become. Spending a summer (or a few) to work at camp promotes valuable life skills in campers that prepare them to enter the professional world.


One of the biggest benefits of camp is that staff learn how to work together as a team. Staff at all levels lead by example and demonstrate practical communication skills, compromise, and listening skills. Staff learn to trust and encourage each other. Those who feel confident working with others at camp build a solid foundation for teamwork in the workplace. Working with a co-cabin leader teaches valuable lessons both in teamwork and problem-solving. Although your co-cabin leaders are close to your age, each individual possesses their own unique skill set. This diversity presents the opportunity for understanding and appreciating different cultures, working with varied experience levels and finding a common ground to resolve conflicts and effectively problem-solve. 

professional development Time Management

Time management is another important skill staff learn without even realizing it. Staff learn to factor in things like travel time between activities or how much prep time is required between events. Learning the importance of being on time or early will help campers be successful in the real world. They’re also given opportunities to extend grace and courtesy to those who are running behind, and taught to exercise patience when things don’t always go according to plan. Staff learn to be flexible and understanding, while also learning how to prioritize important events during their daily routine.

Spending a summer at camp is one of the best things you can do for the future of your child. It’s a fun way to build character and prepare children for the real world. Staff learn valuable life lessons on a daily basis at camp, all while having the best summer of their lives. The directors focus on developing the whole staff member, and embrace the opportunity to prepare each staff for success. When they eventually enter the workforce, staff will be prepared with the confidence and skills required to be successful.

Recognizing Individuality

Living in a cabin day-in and day-out with campers and co-cabin leaders is a unique experience. As a cabin leader, you’re presented with the task of nurturing each individual camper in order to establish strong relationships and ensure a safe and fun environment for all. The ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each individual is a valuable skill in any profession. The environment at camp allows cabin leaders to discover the best version  of themselves. This environment of acceptance fosters the development of each cabin leader’s confidence and skill set. With higher confidence comes clearer decision making, better communication and stronger performance in many areas of life.

develop leadership skillsBecoming a Leader

The combination of the skills learned as a camp counselor include communication, problem-solving, flexibility, individuality and confidence, all of which are key factors in being successful in any workplace. When faced with the decision to apply for an internship or a counselor at a overnight camp, take into consideration that in just eight weeks, skills will be developed that are beneficial for life.

At camp, you’re both a coach and a mentor to the campers in your cabin,  but also to the rest of the children at camp. Camp transforms cabin leaders into leaders with the drive to be successful. The confidence established at camp can be carried over to all aspects of life; from going on a job interview to giving a presentation to your boss — having confidence allows for the highest success rate. 

Never before have people needed to be effective communicators, collaborators and think creatively than today. Employers look for these traits which can be developed at camp. Come join us for a season and find out for yourself.  

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