IMG_0835Cabin Special – Every Thursday afternoon the cabin leaders have the opportunity to do something special with just their cabin. It ranges from our regular camp activities to cliff jumping, an afternoon at the beach, etc. It amazes me that the cabin leaders leave it to the last minute to plan on Thursday at lunch.

Guys/Girls Nights – On Monday nights the camp is divided into guys and girls and the staff run a special night activity for them. There are lots of options for them to choose from or they can make up their own event. Some programs include a trip to Widji Island, Ninja night, bigger and better, dance party, floor hockey, campfire, tribal night, 007 night, relay races, “break into” the Tuck shop or kitchen adventure, sock wars or pageant night to crown Miss Widjiitiwin. I will leave it to you figure out which ones are the guy’s verses girl’s activities.
Cabin Devotions – every day campers join their cabin leaders for cabin devotions. This takes place after cabin cleanup in the morning and just before first activity period. Cabin leaders help their campers learn about God, Jesus and the Bible. New this summer is Friday devos with the chiefs where the whole guys or girls end gather and the chief cabin leaders do the devo time.
Camp Pastors – we seem to be one of the last camps to have a camp pastor. Each week a different pastor is invited to teach at camp chapels.  They are also available for the campers and staff to talk with and seek counsel from. Our camp pastors are quite involved at camp taking their meals here and being involved in program.
Eliojah Fire!!Campfires – Campfires are a big part of our program and we do two per week. On Wednesday night we do one for fun. This is the night that our day campers have the option to stay over. On Friday night we do a serious campfire with testimonies and worship. One of our favourite campfire traditions is an Elijah Fire. This involves a fishing line down from a large tree about 100 feet from the campfire. We tie it off to a stake in the ground on the far side of the campfire pit. A partial toilet paper roll is soaked in some Naptha gas and awaits its ride down the cable to the fire. The story of Elijah on Mount Carmel is read out loud and each time the prophets of Baal pour water o the sacrifice, we dump a small amount of Naptha on the camp fire. When the story get to Elijah calling down fire from heaven, then toilet paper roll is set on its way down the string and when it gets to the camp fire everything lights up. Go big or go home right?

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