Theme/Fun Meals
  • One utensil – using any old kitchen cooking utensil available. Campers draw out of a bus bin as they enter the Longhouse. You could end up with a spatula, beater, tongs or something stranger. A pasta meal is one of the funniest to watch for this one.
  • Twins – campers and staff try to look like each other by dressing and accessorizing the same.
  • Nerds – from pocket protectors and tape on your glasses coupled with a too tight button up shirt and pants pulled way up this one is a staff favourite.
  • Monk – this meal starts out quiet as everyone tries not to make any noise or say anything. It’s really a challenge to make it work. It’s amazing how loud the juice machine sounds when there is very little other sound in the Longhouse. The first one to talk does the dishes for the table.
  • Theme – a dress up meal specific to the weekly theme. Campers and staff put on all they have to become a character relating to the theme.
  • Backwards – you dress with your clothes on backwards, walk into the Longhouse backwards, eat dessert first then your main meal. You can also give thanks at the end of the meal and walk out backwards of course. Campers still have to clean their table at the end of the meal time.

Named Meals – Sub Sunday, Taco Tuesday, Waffle Wednesday and French Toast Fridays, I tried to change some of these my first summer to great resistance. I did manage to add diced chicken to the Taco Tuesday meal, but the rest are well intact.

Meal time freeze game – to determine who in the cabin has to wipe the table and clear the dishes, cabins play the freeze game. This usually happens after they have gotten into some difficult to hold pose and the cabin leaders yell “freeze”. Campers can then be maneuvered into even more uncomfortable positions by their cabin leaders, other staff and sometimes other campers. The object is to stay as still as possible and hope that someone else moves first. The first person to move cleans up. I’ve seen a group of campers go most of a meal time in the frozen position and keep going even when their food is getting cold. On Saturday morning, The last day of camp, the campers get to call freeze on their cabin leaders and turn the tables on them.

Mail Call – this fun activity starts out with a very loud and drawn out call that might look like this, Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ve goooooooooooooooooooooooooooot soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail!! Names are called out, letters are tossed towards the tables and campers go up to get their mail. If someone gets a second letter all of camp yells out, “That’s Twooooooo”. If anyone gets a third letter it’s given to a runner who takes off and the camper or staff has to run to catch them. Once caught the letter is given up to the camper/staff. All those who receive parcels or even large envelopes get called to the front and they have to do something in order to get their package. Options have included crab walk around the Longhouse, spell Widjiitiwin in bum charades, sing a song, act out a crazy action like bacon frying in a pan, cooing for a staff up on a chair and more yet to be thought up.
CheeringIt seems like at camp we cheer for everything.We cheer for cabin clean-up and mail call and games and activities and “mandatory” free swim and people running laps and almost every announcement made and chapel and campfire and for winning ice cream on Friday night for the most team points/cabin clean-up award and not so much for bedtime. Staff meetings are sometimes hard to get through for all the cheering. Essentially, we cheer for everything

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