May 5, 2020

Dear Campers, Parents and Staff,

It is the 90th year since the founding of Camp Widjiitiwin, at the current site of the Muskoka Bible Centre (originally Muskoka Baptist Camp) for youth and young adults. This was to be a landmark year for camp, and it is proving to be so with each week bringing more announcements and restrictions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. It is with heavy hearts that we tell you of our decision to postpone on-site programming at Camp Widjiitiwin for the summer of 2020. This includes all of our open enrollment camps and our Ignite Partnership camps. We are however, postponing a decision on our SALT program until the middle of May.

To our campers; Moose & Heyoo know that Camp Widjiitiwin holds many treasured memories for you & your families, and that many will feel disappointed that our camp programs are not happening this summer. Some families for generations.

Many factors and options have been considered by us, the MBC leadership team and the board, and a great deal of deliberation and prayer has gone into making this decision. We do not feel that we can provide a quality communal experience, while providing the safety required to satisfy our customers and anticipated requirements of local health services. Continued ambiguity over these requirements combined with the uncertainty of a resurgence of the coronavirus creates too great a liability for us to mitigate an outbreak and its consequences to our community of campers and staff.

Many of you know Widjiitiwin means fellowship (in Ojibwa), and this is something we want to continue to foster through the ministry of Camp Widjiitiwin. To do this, we are exploring eCamp options that would offer activities and engagement for children and young people to interact with a community and see familiar faces within the context of camp programming. Additionally, we are intentionally working with a partner to provide resources to our families and through this initiative, we will be able to continue to pursue the continuation of this ministry to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ in the midst of a trying time for millions of people nationwide.

We’ll be sure to stay in touch and we hope you choose to register for camp in 2021.

To support this initiative, we invite you to donate at


Mike Moose Greenfield                                             Josh Heyoo Laverty

Director, MBC Human Resources                             Director

General Director, Camp Widjiitiwin                          Camp Widjiitiwin or

Ambassadors for Christ to children and youth

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