Positions Available for 2020

[column col=”1/2″]

  • Assistant Director
  • Program Director
  • SALT Director
  • Ministry Director
  • Waterfront Director
  • Head Cook
  • Camp Nurse/Medic
  • 2 Chief Cabin Leaders
  • 2 Program Assistants [/column]

[column col=”1/2″]

  • SALT Cabin Leaders
  • Cabin Leaders
  • Junior Cabin Leaders
  • Kitchen – Cooks
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Media staff
  • Service staff
  • Volunteers rotating through kitchen, service and program/activity instructions [/column]

Learn more by Downloading the full job descriptions.

Each staff member requires:

  • A heart commitment to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
  • Loyalty to and enthusiastic support of the personnel and ministry of Camp Widjiitiwin.
  • To have moral behaviour, attire, and associations to be at all times distinctly Christian as per the Biblical mandate.
  • Prayer…that the ministry of Widji will increase in spiritual power for the Glory of the Lord
  • and the enriching of His people.


Widji Pay Scale

Remuneration/pay and benefits will be the agreed basic amount is paid directly to the summer crew member every two weeks. This will be done as a direct deposit to your bank account. See below for information about summer staff pay.

Widjiitiwin has a merit over base minimum pay scale. What that means is that if you’re just starting out in camp, you will be guaranteed a base pay that is determined by the responsibilities you will have for the summer. If, however, you are experienced, and skilled, then it won’t matter what department you work in, you will be compensated roughly the same amount based on your individual merit. The intention of this structure is to give flexibility to the workers and allow them to serve within their area of gifting, and without worry of how much they will earn.

Note: 2020 has 10 weeks of summer camp this year, and so staff contracts are more valuable in 2020 than previous years.

Base Pay [column col=”1/2″]

  • Assistant Director ($3300)
  • Program Director ($2,750)
  • SALT Director ($2,750)
  • Ministry Director ($2,750)
  • Waterfront Director ($2,750)
  • Head Cook ($2,750) [/column]

[column col=”1/2″]

  • Junior Leader ($660)
  • Senior Cabin Leader ($825) 
  • Program Assistants ($1,100)
  • Camp Nurse/Medic ($2750)
  • Chief Cabin Leaders ($1,650)
  • Volunteers – working in kitchen, service and/or program activities, volunteers must attend training or have prior work experience at camp  [/column]

Below are a few examples

Jane is new to camp, but she’s done a year of bible college and has volunteered in children’s ministry at her local church for a few years. She’s hired as a Senior Cabin Leader: Merit = $1230*, exceeds Cabin Leader base of $825  = Summer contract: $1230**

Jared is a returning senior cabin leader, he earned his ORCKA levels and a current NLS. Here’s what his structure would look like: Merit = $1380*, exceeds Cabin leader base pay: $825 = Summer Contract: $1380**

Andrew is young, brand new to camp, has no relevant experience but is teachable and kids love him and is hired as a Junior Cabin Leader. Merit = $560*, Does not exceed Base Cabin Leader pay: $660 = Summer Contract: $660**

*These numbers are specific to these individuals and do not reflect a specific number by which to calculate your own contract. Some individuals may not have enough merit to exceed their base pay, in which case they will be guaranteed their base pay.

**Before tax deductions.

How Merit Works:

Merit is gained through relevant experience, skills and certifications. This may change according to what we are looking for, but here’s a few sure things that we are always looking for:

  • Lifeguards – If you have a certification that permits you to lifeguard, AND you use it at camp, you’ve earned merit.
  • First Aid, social workers, Instructors in archery, swimming, canoeing or other relevant areas – that earns you merit.
  • Experience working at this camp or others – earns you merit.
  • Age and experience in life – earns you merit
  • Got your boating license and we plan to use it? – earns you merit

Merit is weighed according to other factors, for example, if you have experience in camp, more experience will earn you more merit. Higher level certifications and experience earn you more merit. Certifications that Camp pays for are not eligible. i.e. If camp sends you to get your first aid, that is not a cert you came with, and so it is considered as a bonus in itself.

Once a contract is determined and signed, this will not be revisited; so be open about your skills at the time of application and if you will be gaining any relevant certifications in the near future.

Now, it’s time to



Student Worker Bursary

Camp Widjiitiwin and MBC have partnered with Heritage Bible College and Emmanuel Bible College to offer tuition bursaries for camp workers. More info is available on their sites by clicking their logo below.

Emmanuel Bible College Camp Bursary



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