IMG_20150315_100902You can call me Grandpa. Well, actually you shouldn’t, but Olivia can, or will soon! She was born last week, March 12th, and has turned our family life in a new direction. I watched as a group of family and friends just sat around waiting for the girl of honour to make her next appearance after being fed or changed. We spoiled her with gifts, fussed over her, made strange cooing noises, told Carolyn & Tim how cute she is, ate food and celebrated this new life that had been born.

It’s amazing how your perspective changes with the addition of a new life to your family. We waited eagerly to see who would get to hold her next. I could sit all day and hold her, looking down at her face and wondering what expression she will make next. Last Sunday morning I got to have some grandpa time with Olivia. I was amazed as I considered that inside her tiny fingers was everything that was inside my much bigger ones.God is good!

Synchro dubbed me Grand-Moose. I like that. This is a whole new way to grow our Widjiitiwin family. In fact, I already have Olivia’s Widji application for 2022. That’s how it was announced to me last fall that Tundra/Carolyn was expecting. Olivia has her own directory on my phone and has become the background picture on every device I have.

Life as I knew it has certainly changed.


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